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Official Rules of BladeCraft Empty Official Rules of BladeCraft

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Moderators (mods) will enforce all rules. They're subject to change at any time. A mod's word is final.

1. Respect other players.

- Cussing and swearing is allowed, as long as it's not excessive.
- NO offensive language (racism, sexism, threats, vulgarity) or spamming.
- If you violate this rule you will get one warning, then a temporary ban, then a permanent ban.

2. This is a PVP server. Legit PVP and griefing ARE allowed and encouraged.

- All legit PVP, combat, raiding, and griefing outside of safe zone is allowed.
- Use the faction system to protect your land from other players. Nothing's safe unless it's claimed.
- If you die or get griefed, don't rage. It happens. Report illegal PVP, glitching, or gameplay.

3. NO hacks, no x-rays, no glitching.

- If you suspect someone to be breaking this rule, screenshot it and report it immediately.
- Any program that gives an advantage over others, like full-bright or mini-map, are not allowed.
- If you hack, then expect an instant, permanent ban from a mod. Hacks are NEVER tolerated.

4. Listen to the mods and owners of the server.

- If they tell you to stop doing something, then stop doing it immediately.
- You may only get one warning if you break any rules. Don't do it again.
- Any mod can and will warn, mute, temporarily ban, or permanently ban you as they see fit.

5. Have fun.

- Don't rage or cause drama. Be mature, have fun.
- Build, mine, farm, trade, PVP, raid - do whatever you like, as long as you follow the rules.
- If you have questions or comments, ask a mod. We want to make sure everyone enjoys the server.

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