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Owners of BladeCraft / Factions Info Empty Owners of BladeCraft / Factions Info

Post  Slailie on Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:18 am

The owners are:

Yes, there are four owners of BladeCraft - and at the current moment we are the only moderators. You're welcome to apply to be a moderator, you are more then welcome. If you have a suspicion, or a complaint bring it up to one of us. We may know each other but we'll be fair and hear you out. If it seems to be a legit complaint we'll look into it, if not we'll explain it to you. FEEL FREE TO ASK!

But we also realize, that three of us are in the same faction - and people might find this to be unfair. So let me address a few concerns for you, and explain a few things.

For example someone might say: Oh but you can use your mod powers to raid us! Well no, that can't happen. Nothing, NOTHING, in Minecraft can override the factions system. And there's an easy way to explain this to you.

If you type in the command < /f who (faction/player name) > You will receive information about the faction/the faction the player is. Of note a line will read Land/Power/Max Power. Your max power is based on the amount of players in for faction - you gain 10 per person. Your power, is how much power each person holds at the moment while you're on you gain power. If you die you lose power. Land is based on the claims you have (which are 16 by 16 areas). If you own more land then power YOU CAN BE RAIDED. All another faction has to do is come in and claim that piece of land. But keep in mind if you're going to claim land from another faction you have to start at the border of the claims and work your way in. Once the land of the raided faction becomes equal to the power you CAN NO LONGER CLAIM LAND FROM THAT FACTION. Simple. Easy peasy. That's it. End of story.

Simple way not to get raided? Keep your claims as low as possible, and don't die. But obviously you can't keep yourself couped up in a base and not go out. Shit happens, you'll get raided. Some people may not care that you spent weeks and weeks working on that base. They want it, and they'll take it. So try to keep the hackusations, and QQing to a minimum. We know it sucks, but if it's legit there's nothing we will do to change it.

Example #2: But you can TP to wherever you guys want to!!

Yes that is true, but we also keep each other in check, and players also have access to TP as well. All you need to type is < /tpa (player name) >. We will never ever TP anyone if they are in combat, on their way to combat, or in an enemies territory.

And while we are on the TP topic - and combat. No one is allowed to TP out of direct combat (I.E. doing /f home or having a mod TP you). You are not allowed to log while in direct combat. This means, if you two are hitting each other you can't TP. Indirect combat, is if someone is chasing you, or TNTing your base - you can do any of the above but not if your are in DIRECT COMBAT. We will know if you are. Don't lie to us.

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