Combat TP, Combat Logging, and Setting Home

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Combat TP, Combat Logging, and Setting Home Empty Combat TP, Combat Logging, and Setting Home

Post  ShylaFawl on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:29 am

Combat TP
There have been claims that TP'ing in combat is allowed and this is NOT true. Using TP to get out of combat or to go into it is complete unfair and wrong and if anyone is caught doing so they will receive one warning before being temp kicked from the server. Should this person continue to TP from or into combat they will undoubtedly be banned from the server. We have a no tolerance policy when it comes to breaking the rules, even to our own moderators so it doesn't matter it you are part of our staff or not, if you break a rule you will be reprimanded. SETTING HOME IN ENEMY TERRITORY AND USING /home IS CONSIDERED COMBAT TP AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Combat Logging
Combat logging is something that people ask about on the server, it is ALLOWED but never encouraged. It is a very disgraceful way to defend yourself on the server however, if you can get far enough away from the person attacking you to log out that's something we won't stop you from doing. If there are issues with people doing this to an extreme this CAN and MAY be changed so don't overuse it otherwise we will start enforcing rules on it.

Setting "Home"
On the server we have a plugin that allows you to set a separate home from your faction home. Using "/sethome" in enemy territory is considered exploit-glitching and will receive punishments such as "revoked home command." Exploiting this command may lead to it being removed permanently from the server and the rest of the players will undoubtedly hold it against the player that forced it's removal.

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