Update: Offensive Terms and Imagery

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Update: Offensive Terms and Imagery Empty Update: Offensive Terms and Imagery

Post  Strike137 on Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:21 pm

hey everyone, just wanted to give you another quick rule update.

recently it's been brought up to me that there have been some attempts to offend people and grief the server, specifically right outside of spawn. it's already been fixed, and anything of this sort will be immediately removed by the admins.

let me just get this straight. I will NOT tolerate ignorant people trying to offend the players on this server. it's obvious that whoever did this was clearly ignorant and failed at their attempts to piss people off. trust me, you're not pissing anyone off, you're just showing your own stupidity. I will not hesitate to ban anyone who writes any offensive, racist, sexist, etc. term on the server, or uses it in chat. we don't discriminate based on your ethnicity or political affiliation, but you don't need to advertise it or try to hate on others because of it.

BladeCraft will NOT put up with this kind of behavior, and I expect it to be reported to one of the admins (or you can post complaints on the forum as well) so we can all continue to enjoy the server without putting up with dumbass haters.

just a note: I will also not tolerate any of these words used as insults:


if I see you use any of these, I'll tell you to stop, and then you should consider that as your only warning. if I catch anyone using these in chat or on the forums, or writing them out on buildings or with blocks, you are breaking the rules of the server and will be warned, then banned if necessary. ignorance of this rule is not an exception. thank you.

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