BladeCraft's Grand Opening Event

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BladeCraft's Grand Opening Event Empty BladeCraft's Grand Opening Event

Post  ShylaFawl on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:21 pm

In celebration of BladeCraft's Grand Opening we will be holding several events on the day this new pvp server opens. To start with when you join on Grand Opening day a moderator will grant you an extra $100 Iconomy cash to spend as you like in our market system. We will be running treasure events in the mob arena, explore and fight your way through the darkness to find great hidden items. The main event will be the Grand Opening of the Roller Coasters, Demon Blade and Mini Demon, where Chest-Minecarts will be placed on the tracks and players must catch the carts and take the items inside. The items contained in the chest will range from all types of ore, coal-diamond, and will be stacked according to value. Coal=20 Gold=15 Iron=10 Red Stone=5 Diamond=3 Hope to see you there and enjoying yourselves on our new server.


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