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Post  Strike137 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:22 am

we've been running some great events which have been a lot of fun for those involved, and we often give out great prizes for those who participate and even better ones for winners! if you'd like to request an admin to run an event on the server, please feel free to do so

(please don't beg or spam, though. if an admin is busy, sorry, but he/she can't always run events)

here is a list of some of our special reocurring events:

- Spawn Hide and Seek (with shylafawl and Slailie)

- Spleef at the BladeCraft Stadium

- Mob Arena contests at the Cathedral of Nightmares (with cody1211)

- PVP Duels and Free-for-Alls at the Stadium, Nether Temple, and Arena (with Strike137)

- Mini-games (including rollercoasters, puzzles, archery range, mob-fishing, snow-pucks, bumper boats, and more!)


- Nether War (a BUNCH of nether mobs are spawned and released at the nether temple!!)

- Wolf Taming (wolves are spawned and players are given bones to tame them)

- Castle Raid (look in suggestions Very Happy )

- Scavenger hunts


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