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Post  ShylaFawl on Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:51 am

Active members of our server may apply for moderator status at any time. After an application is read it will be assigned a Status, Statuses tell you what the owners have decided to do with your application. There are several Statuses that can be assigned to applications and they are as follows,

Accepted: The owners of the server have accepted your moderator request and will or have granted you moderator powers.

Builder: The owners have decided that you should be allowed to help construct community buildings such as war zone and spawn.

Consideration: The owners have deemed the current staff enough to handle the amount of players on the server, the applications will be considered in the order they were received once the server requires more staff.

Denied: The owners have denied you application because of reasons that will be stated within the comment on your post.

Please respect the judgement of the owners and moderators no matter the status they assign to you. Please try to be professional when applying to positions within our staff, we will deny any immature player's applications -this is not by age but by personality- because immature and disrespectful players are not considered for membership in our staff.

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